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Woke up To 8 Cancellations

Call it a spidey-sense but I could tell when I got several orders over the weekend (mainly yesterday) from different people that something was off. It really hit home when they would claim they wanted me to rewrite an article and had (dot) and (dot) and (dot) in the link (yes all of them, even with the different names). I didn’t start to work on any of these 8 orders, just in case my spidey senses were right. Call it a hunch that it was a bunch of spammers - someone using another person’s credit card or PayPal.

Let’s be honest, I could have been wrong…

But today, I woke up and each of those eight orders had been cancelled by Fiverr. Yeah that’s right… each one of them. Am I mad? Not in the least. I’m just glad I listened to my gut about them and didn’t work on a single one. I am a little perturbed that my cancellation ratio took a hit? Yeah, I was loving that 0 percent. Now… it’s sitting at 1 percent. Eh… it is what it is!

Eek, that could have been nasty. I’ve only been scammed once, but it still haunts me to this day.

I guess you don’t get to be a TSR without knowing how Fiverr works, eh? :slight_smile:

OH NOOOOOOO, 1 percent!!! That is TERRIBLE!!

Just kidding, it’s not that bad. I understand what you mean though,
I used to love my 0% too, but after I started getting cancellations here and there, I knew I had to live with
that thing. Bleh. I guess we all need to go through it.
I’m glad it got cancelled by Fiverr before things got ugly!

Earlier cancellations are much better than the late ones, right?

Lucky you were facing such scammers who were giving you clues that they were scammers. Lucky you had that spidey-sense. Lucky Fiverr was acting fast.

The most horrible thing is …?
You face a kind, friendly, nice buyer who gives you a big order, appreciates your work, rates 5 stars, and leaves a positive review. Then one or two months later, BOOM! Money gone, work gone, 5 stars gone, review gone. All due to a PayPal chargeback.?

Hm… Looks like it is time for me to get bitten by a lab spider. Brb. Gonna get some cool senses. :bz

Next time just do a mutual cancellation instead of just waiting it out. Then you will not take a hit.

I dodged a similar bullet three times over the weekend. I had three brand new accounts ask me for different “school work,” though I never state I do this kind of thing at all. They needed it within 12 hours and tried to tell me what they’d pay me. I laughed and politely declined.

@willpower_hk chargeback are always the worst, especially if its a huge order and your time was spent on delivering quality work.

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