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Womp, womp—Can no longer see customer feedback before leaving buyer feedback?


I imagine Fiverr modified the process of leaving feedback so that sellers may not be able to coerce buyers into favorable feedback?

But, in my experience, this makes for a slightly less desirable customer service experience—it used to be really nice to be able to reply directly to my customer’s rave feedback about their experience with me! Now, I’m blindly leaving feedback that is no longer personalized and feels cold.

I’m not digging this…

C’mon, Fiverr! Do right by us sellers. Have faith!


Yeah, the forum been raging about this for weeks. Do a quick search and you’ll find at least a dozen other post where people aren’t happy.


Blind review system is a pain, specially when you have to leave a review for the buyer without knowing the actual review.

i think Fiverr should change it.


They just announced on the forum recently they are changing it back to the way it was.


@misscrystal Wow, Thanks, didn’t saw the post. But it will be great.



:star_struck:See what we are looking forward to seeing fiber


For real? Can you share the link to the thread??



I don’t see it being changed to the way it was. Does anyone have updates on when this will happen?


It’s not going to be changed back to the way it was.

The only concession is that after both blind reviews have been left, sellers will be able to leave a reply to the buyer’s feedback, but I don’t think this has happened yet.


It’s also not clear if you will get the chance to reply to the buyer’s review if you didn’t first leave a blind review.


@kevinjbond1 this just happened. I gave a generic review for my new customers (aka 5 stars and a “Hope you liked my work”) and the customer had given me one of the loveliest reviews I’ve ever had.

Now I feel like an idiot.


Welcome to Fiverr, they’ll do their best to make you feel like an idiot, sadly.


I would like to be able to thank clients when they leave particularly nice reviews.


I’ve been a seller here on Fiverr for a long time, and I have never experienced Fiverr making me “feel like an idiot.” In fact, Fiverr has been helpful, supportive, and a fantastic place for me to share my skills with other people who need what I have to offer.


Been here for a while and have seen a steady decline over the last two years from quality of customers to quality of customer service. Individual situations are individual, and subject to the whims and/or professionalism of the CS rep you get.


I’m glad Fiverr is bringing back the old review system, and will let us see the reviews buyers get from other seller in the future.

They do need other reforms.

  1. If a seller chooses “0” as the number of revisions, it should be impossible for the seller to demand a modification.
  2. If a seller wants to mark the order complete, he should have the right to do that.
  3. If a seller refuses to refund, he should be able to mark the order as complete and block the buyer from soliciting addition refunds or revisions.
  4. All sales are final, more PayPal chargebacks.

Right now, I’m happy with the power to block buyers who got a refund, but it’s not enough.