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Wonderful Update

Not sure if this is a site-wide update or beta, but now you can view your most recent conversation with a customer RIGHT IN your order. It’s so small but an absolute time saver for me haha. It was always such a burden having to change screens to the conversation for all the order info on custom orders.

Maybe I’m just late to the game? Hopefully everyone gets to experience the convenience of this update!


It really is great.
The technical team has been doing some decent work for past couple of months.
The Android app is far better than it used to be.

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Yes! One of the things I had to do before now was copy and paste info in regular conversations into the order screen. This reduces the need to do that. excellent.


Same here! Or I would ask my customers to please include all the instructions when they check out (which most comply) but now I don’t have to. The app has also become MILES better in the recent months and I’m so happy with the latest update. Definitely becoming more seller friendly.