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Wonderful watercolor logo amzingly attractive

go here to see the awesome logo

And where is watercolours there?

Would you mind to tell us why do you have a logo maker watermark on all your “logos”?

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Hi, don’t waste time. This is second or third time he is trying with logo GIGs with images taken from internet. All his GIGs were deleted by CS not so long ago. And now he is back with again new logo GIGs with images and logos from internet. CS will handle him eventually I hope.

So sad that after first warning he did not take some time to draw custom work at least minimal to keep on Fiverr. I just saw new logo seller and his thumbnail is letters CS in arial font on red BG. And thats it. One image. At least he is not putting other peoples work.

And next to that GIG another with very famous logo created by Fiverr TRS 5 years ago, new seller is using it as main thumbnail… It is just mind boggling.

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