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Wondering why I don't have any orders


Hey guys! I have had my fiverr gig up for a few weeks but haven’t gotten any orders. Can someone please take a look at it and tell me if there’s any room for improvement? Thanks!



Is that you in your photo?


Who is this for? Not very apparent right off the bat. You mention the niches in the description, but not where it matters most, the title. I would try breaking this down into separate gigs based on niches or even just focusing on one of those niches you mention in the title. Something like…

“Inspirational bloggers, put your content in front of my 100,000+ fans”


I think the main issue with such gigs is that who are those active fans and would they actually care about your promo links?
Using words like “active” and “some go viral” mean very little to business owners. They want numbers.
You would probably get more bites if you can promise some numbers. Let’s say you promote the link or content until that user gets 20K visits from those active users. It won’t promise any sales, but at least then buyers know what to expect. Right now you say that it will be on the wall for 24hours, but it could easily mean 5 clicks.

Additionally, you might wish to describe your fans a bit more. Who they are, what they do, how did you get them to your site? If those fans are social media traffic sellers like you then it’s pretty useless traffic.

Give more insight to your buyers about the target audience and try to put it into numbers.


Yes, that is my photo


Thanks Matt! I really like this suggestion! :slight_smile:


Hi,I will say that you increase your Impression Charityism


Give it time and play around with your tags every once in a while! Certain tags make your gig show up more on the search pages.This will help if your having issues with not having enough views on your gig. With people just not buying, theres a few things you can do. Like it was mentioned above you should give a little more insight on who follows your Facebook, this will help a buyer decide if their product or service is right for your page. There’s a lot of gigs offering product/service promotions so design your description and title in a unique way thats different than all the others to catch a buyer’s eye. You can do this by searching for people with a lot of buyers that offer the same service as you and look at their descriptions/titles to see what they’re doing differently. Hope this helps, best of luck!