Won't let me download my gigs (takes me to home page!) - help! :o)


Hi everybody

A seller has provided me two (JPG) files but when I click on them or try to download they just direct me to the home page.

I tried to download some past gigs again, but they also now direct me to the home page and won’t let me.

I have tried two different computers but the same thing happens.

I could not find a contact or email of any of the Fiverr staff…

Any ideas?

Thank guys?


I have the downloading issue too.

I can’t download the buyer requirements file.


This has been an issue for everyone that started today. I hope CS will fix this issue soon, or else I won’t be able to complete my gigs and buyers won’t be able to receive my work!


Yes please fix this soon! My buyers would like their deliveries! Can we at least get some update on the situation or something to give our buyers that is official from Fiverr? I hate saying that it’s a site malfunction because I don’t want people to think the work is incomplete…


Me too!! I hope they fix by the morning because this is hurting me for my express gigs :-SS


same with me, my buyers cannot download my delivered files


I was told by a buyer that Fiverr is an Israeli company, and at the moment, it’s a huge holiday for them. Chances are this wont get fixed until everyone is back at work, which means we can’t get back to work. Bad. :frowning: I really hope they’re willing to go back and remove my cancelled order. This was not the fault of me or my buyer!! I don’t want to be punished for something I didn’t do!