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Won't let me publish my gig

I completed the mandatory English test and got 100% correct but the "publish gig " box is still gray and I am unable to publish my gig. Any advice would be greatly apprciated.

Try following the instruction from this link and see if helps: Creating a Gig

Thanks. I tried it again and it still wont let me publish. The “Publish this” box is gray and I’ve filled in all the necessary fields, done the English test and answered the W2 question as well.

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Sorry to hear that you couldn’t publish it. This sounds really frustration sometime. Well, I used to have same problem a year back before Christmas 2020 (trying to publish my first gig). Not sure how did I did it for the first time when I tried to put “will create character artwork for your game, movie, music and book”. Then that is it.

However, I never did bother take a Photoshop test because I have been working with Adobe Photoshop for almost 20 years since I was a high school student in the early 2000s. So I didn’t really care much about taking a test on Fiverr to pass it. I just went ahead and published my first gig after fill out W-9 form. That’s it.

Try to put something like “will writes something for your blog or content” whatever you come up with good title for your gig. Don’t put something like “I will writes for your blog or something”. Just put a sentence without “I”. Just put will writes, like I put my for example “will paint a portrait of you” without “!”.

Not sure if you know what I mean, but I hope this helps.

Also, if you still facing the issue with “gray out” box before publish your first gig. You should contact Customer Support (CS). Hopefully they would look into this: Fiverr Customer Support

Or try this: Fiverr Support

Wish you the best of luck!