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Won't let me respond to messages on fivers?

Ok so like two or so weeks ago (could be later) i got a message on fiverr regarding somebody helping me with their business. When I tried to respond to this inquiry, there was a message in the chat that stated that I could no longer contact that person ("*** can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.)* Some time after that, I got ANOTHER business related message but I couldn’t respond to that one either for the same reason. Why is this happening?

Those messages were probably marked as spam by the system.


is there a way to unmark them?

If there’s no “mark as not spam” (or similarly worded) option next to the message and it says “x can no longer be contacted” it’s likely that their account has been suspended or closed. You could check on another browser and see if their account still exists/is still active.

If there was an option to unspam them it would be shown under the message I think.


They are spammers and scammers and Fiverr removes them.

You don’t want to unmark them.

They are super sketchy and not valuable to your business. They probably weren’t even requests for your Fiverr services, but a request to participate in something off-site, like to promote something for them or participate in a scam.

Requests that violate the ToS are deleted with no option to unmark as spam. And the users who post them are suspended or removed from Fiverr.

It is not in your best interests to deal with these people. It is a good thing Fiverr removes them from all contact.

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This is because of the following reasons:

  • That message was automatically marked as spam by the system and due to which that account is banned and now it isn’t be able to contacted.

  • Same message was sent to many sellers and some of the seller marked as spam, so the account of that user was banned.

Whenever the account is banned by violating Fiverr TOS then this message appears by Fiverr system.

No, because if they are violating Fiverr TOS then are can’t me unmarked by anyone other than fiverr customer support.

Be careful because if you do what they say maybe result in violating TOS and due to which your account will affected.

Hope you understood well! :sunglasses:

Good Luck! :innocent:

Or, just as likely, they were sellers advertising their services and begging the OP to buy from them.

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Oh yeah those ones are fun…

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