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Won't Order Your Gig Until Work Is Finished and Approved?


Just had a potential client send me an inquiry stating “i will order your gig after you send me the article and my boss approves it.”

I don’t even pretend to pick up a pen until the order has been securely placed. Seriously, why would anyone make that a requirement?


It´s just another trick to fool sellers. Just ignore it.


I’d report them to CS to be honest - if they’re doing this to you @lucycodex, they may well be trying to get free work from other sellers as well.

Politely decline, and then report! :slight_smile:


Ya That’s right @offlinehelpers


Hi everyone.

Try to avoid buyers who act like this. If you follow their “plan”, you will find out that most of them won’t be happy with your work even if you provide High-Quality services for $5.

Just take care.

Kind regards,
Dev Black.


Whenever something like that happens, I politely tell them that it’s not how Fiverr works, and that Fiverr advises all sellers never to start working on an order until it was placed.

It tends to solve the problem. They either place the order, or (much more often) go away.


I faced same before few weeks :smiley: ahhaa
DONT START WORK befor he pay and Order count down starts!
I am not saying all buyers do this trick but we must be care full all the time!


@lucycodex: I got the exact same message about an hour ago. The message was immediately marked as spam and I did well to add to that by reporting him separately.



I still remember the first time this happened to me, boy was it fun :smiley:


“Tomorrow’s unethical business practices, today!”


Never NEVER EVER accept doing any work for free. Not even “temporarily”

If you value your time and work never offer it for free or promises!