Woo! My Degree is completed ! Became an Engineer Today ! Yuppiieee


Today is the last day of my degree! Finally I became Computer Engineer! I am very happy!

But now there will not be any boring lectures, gossips, texts while sitting in classroom, teasing each otherā€¦

oh :frowning: M gonna miss all thatā€¦ Will Miss you my friends!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Congratulations, all the best for your future career!


Wow congrats!


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Wao ! Wish you very all the Best for your future!

I know its very hard to leave all the friendsā€¦ I cried a lot when i left my college!..


Grats! I recently finished my certificate for graphic design <3 Going on for associates in applied science!


Congrats and best of luck to you :smiley: I also just recently graduated from graphic design school


What is ā€œcomputer engineeringā€ in your own words? Congratz.

anarchofighter said: What is "computer engineering" in your own words?

There is no specialization or sub-divisions in engineering fields in India as far as computer fields is concerned. Its a generic 'IT engineer' or 'Computer Engineer' where you are made a 'jack of all trades, master of none'. One needs to opt for a masters degree to actually start learning something that will be of industry use and a double masters or a PhD to start specializing.

A B.E (bachelor in engineering) tag allows you to be a job seeker, you have to climb to at least a masters to have the technical know how to be a job provider or a small business service provider, otherwise its a 9 to 5 for you, no exceptions.




Software Engineer and Website Designer :slight_smile: @arnevb