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Wooaahhh ! how to achieve level 2 seller!

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you some of my experience on Fiverr. I started three months ago with a burning desire to conquer Fiverr through my design experience. When I started, I was full of hope and power, knowing I could do all I could. The first half of the month was a total failure, with only one order. I improved my gig, I improved my work and continued to talk with all my clients, treating them equally. I resigned from my current job to work full-time here on Fiverr. I have worked hard and lost whole nights, creating the gigs that I consider to be perfect for myself and my clients.
Now after 3 months of intensive work on Fiverr, we have reached level 2 seller, with a profit of $ 2300 and about 130 orders.
My goal this year is to become top seller by December. I will work hard and passionate for this job, Fiverr being my full job.

A little advice for everyone. Do not let yourself be influenced by negative comments from close friends. Do what you like and you’ll get results. Work with passion and love. Deliver everything that’s best to your customers, and you’ll be successful. You must not lose hope. You can earn from the early days, but also after a few months, it all depends on how you manage your passion, work, gigs, clients.

Cu dragoste,


Thank you FIVERR for all!


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Woooow!!! Awesome!! :heart_eyes:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good luck!
Wish you to achieve top level soon :+1:

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Thank you a lot. You are awesome!!!

congratulation… may your wishes came true… ! all the best… !

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Much love !
Hope it will be good for everyone!!

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Congrats… Keep going above and one day you will be a TRS!!

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Thank you for your good thoughts!!
It’s nice from you!

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Wish you all the best. Congratulations

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Thanks for those great thoughts. When I first got on fiverr I got some surprised/negative comments from friends/etc. But really when you start getting customers who trust you and come back it’s great to be able grow that and do something that you are interested in! It can be empowering if you are willing to put the time and effort in. But be careful everyone. Some people really try to take advantage of new people on fiverr. You want to do your best and give the client great service, but don’t let them bully you. You won’t want to do business with them in the future anyway. So make sure your gig descriptions are clear and stick to it! Lot’s of luck to you!


You are great!

Thank you a lot >:D<

What a dream! Hard work always pays off!

I hope you achieve your goal by December! And if not, just keep working!

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Thank you !
I will do my best ! I was planning to do this about 3 years ago, but i was afraid.

Now i m so powerfull

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I’m glad you overcame your fear! When I first started I was also afraid. Being creative means you put a part of yourself in every product you make, so it’s a bit scary to share that with everyone!

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Good words!

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