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Wooahhhh ! The orders in queue feature is now back!


Hello everyone,

Fiverr finally heard its users.

They brought back the Orders in Queue feature.

Yaaay ! :D/



That’s awesome!




@zarafal its not showing to me…


for real?


Hmmm Heck yeah… Now its time for more higher end sales for sure.


Reply to @mallika255: Hello ma’am,

I just checked one of your gig profile page and I can see the queue.

Please recheck.


Reply to @inspiredtony: Yes sir


Reply to @ardicus: Yes sir and all the very best to you with the sales !


Thank you. You as well.


@zarafal its still not showing to me.


Reply to @mallika255: Well ma’am,

I’m sorry you are not wrong.

I just checked few other gigs and looks like in some of the Gigs the queue is not being showed.

Fiverr must be working on this.

Let’s just wait for a while before they fix this.


Yeah thanks


what would be nice is the ability to use bold, bulletin and highlights again in the descriptions.


Yep! It’s BACK :slight_smile:

Accidentally opened my gig without be logged and saw it :slight_smile:

Thank you Fiverr!


You’re right! It’s there! Yeey!


Reply to @ardicus: Yeah right sir. The text styles are not applied once the gig is saved.

I think it’s a bug and has been reported and is also a thread about it here in the forum . But nobody seems to have found a resolution to this issue.


That really awesome !

but i guess its unavailable now ? could some one check some gigs and answer me !

because yesterday that’s true i saw it ! but now i could not find it !



I don’t see it. Maybe certain areas! Trial


Reply to @heamzadesign: Hey checked out some of your gigs, and I see the option for every one of them. No need to worry.