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Woohoo, second order! But then

I was really excited this morning when I saw that magical email saying I had messages from a potential buyer. The client had a 650 word article and needed a heavy edit since he is not a native English speaker. I steered him towards the gig that would best fit his needs and save him the most amount of money. For me, it should have been a $15 order.

An hour later when the client made the purchase, I saw that he had purchased an order for only 300 words ($5). I asked for his approval to add the gig extras since his article was longer than my package, and it turns out it was a complete misunderstanding between us two.

He asked for a refunded and thanked me for my kindness. I submitted the cancel form, to which he mutually agreeded.

So my grand question is…how is this going to affect me as a new seller?? I am not as established on Fiverr as I am on other platforms, and I am worried this is going to negatively affect me moving forward…


Didn’t you mention to him which package he should choose on his gig?

It will affect your cancellation ratio, which will come back to normal after 60 days. It also might or might not affect your gig position in search

Here’s the link to my gig:

There’s only one package. He placed the order without changing the number of words in the box.

For the cancellation ratio, does this appear publically to potential buyers?

Yes, but only for a certain amount of time, then it will change back.

You shouldn’t have cancelled though, you could have offered him more words through gig extras, it could have been resolved there and then.

It will affect your cancellation ratio. The best option is always discuss and make everything clear before the buyer place an order.

Thanks Jake. That’s exactly what I did immediately after receiving his order - more words through gig extras.

Thanks for the response. For my service, you should be able to input your word count directly when purchasing the gig…I have no idea how this was missed!

Where does the cancellation ratio appear to a buyer who stumbles on my page/gig?

Here’s a screenshot of my checkout page. If you enter the word count, the price should change automatically.

It will appear in the dashboard section of your gig. image

:point_down: he did

As I mentioned :point_down:

No, it doesn’t appear publicly. It’s only on your dashboard and affect your stats which I results in your being promoted, demoted or staying at the same level.


Your description is not matching the checkout page. Here is what your description says:

What you receive:

  • Your document showing corrections
  • 24 hour delivery for ** to 1000 words
    *** Fee**dback in the form of comments
  • Advice on how to improve your writing skills if chosen as an ‘extra’

He was right to order based on that only for $5. You said up to 1000 words.

Cheers! Thanks for clearing that up. I was frantically checking from other computers and wasn’t finding anything except from my own personal dashboard.

I am attempting to say that I will deliver within 24 hours as long as the text doesn’t go over 1000 words.

Have you got a suggestion of how to modify things and eliminate confusion?

Yes I do in fact. Take out that entire sentence and say:

If you have less than 1000 words delivery will be in 24 hours.

And do not put that sentence under “what you will receive”.

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Cheers! That was a clever suggestion. How does it look now?

It looks good and hopefully will eliminate the problem you had.

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Thanks for taking the time to help (everyone that is!!). Have a wonderful weekend!

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Contacting CS is the best thing, i had the same issue, I didn’t cancel it right away, I contacted CS, they investigated the case and found me innocent and they cancelled the order without having any affect on my cancellation ratio.

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Not really, just try to make more sales with a 5 star review, deliver on time and your completion rate will go higher. I also suggest that you should post at the top of your description ,Please contact me before placing an order" and do this on every gig that you have. That way, you can talk to them the details and send them a custom order based on their needs, that’s what I do and it prevents me from situations like this one. Of course some will order regardless of your statement to contact you before and they usually go to the cheapest gig because ,why not" but if they need a bigger project, then tell them that it will cost more or cancel the order, even if your C.R. drops again, that’s what I do and most of them agree to pay the actual price. Anyway, I hope this helps, good luck.