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Wooohoo! Level 2!

I know this might sound silly but getting to level two on Fiverr means so much to me!

It’s not just about the money, although it is nice to be able to pay rent. :slight_smile: With a major in literature you can understand that I really don’t have a large group of employers just dying to pay me for writing for them. Getting jobs on fiverr made me understand that I CAN find jobs doing what I love and been training for the last three years at university. I feel like with every positive feedback that a buyer writes on my gigs, i’m gaining self-confidence and I can dare to dream I will be able to completely make a living from this.

Getting to level two feels good on so many levels (pun intended). I gained experience on how to deal with clients, how to organise myself so that I can be more efficient, and gained some extra money so that this summer wouldn’t have to be as hard as it normally is for me (I don’t get a scholarship for my studies in the summer).

Every time I see a notification I feel a bit excited because I’m always looking forward to a new project, a new person to deal with, etc. Dealing with a multitude of clients and equally many subjects to write on/translate I’ve managed to widen my area of knowledge so much.

Fiverr has been a great place for me so far. Thank you!

Congrats! I’m with you on all points :slight_smile:

Thank you! <3

Too bad Fiverr’s ARSe will kill your rent payments.


I didn’t get the “pleasure” to be hit in the face with the star system yet. My rent depending on Fiverr was a one month only situation and has been fixed. They need to do something about that stupid star system. I am basically counting days here until my perfect rating will plummet down because one buyer will decide he/she will give me 3 stars because I didn’t give them the work instantly, make them breakfast in bread, and promise them my first born child. I hope they delete that system for good.