WooooooW Dashboard button is back at the top bar


Thank you Fiverr, the Dashboard is back to the top menu bar :smile: :heart_decoration:

My Dashboard Thing-a-me-bob is Back!

Finally! :slight_smile: (20 characters)


I had a minor panic as I couldn’t find it in the drop down!
Glad it is back where it should be.


Really? where? :neutral_face:


Same here :smiley: I was about to start screaming!


At the top next to the cart button :wink:


:grinning: :grinning::grinning:


And the drop-downs require a click to open, which is a lot less annoying for me! Even the messages and notifications together don’t bother me now that the dashboard and the drop-downs are changed. :relieved:


Yes a bit annoying but really happy the dashboard is back to the top :slight_smile:


Right after I got used to the new UI, they added the dashboard back :confused:




Yes I always get confused when a new UI is introduced, but this small one is really very useful!


Sweet! Good observation. :sunflower: :sunglasses:


Thank you @nikavoice :sunglasses:


After the previous update i just add /dashboard on my web address :))


Yes clever idea :wink: @videolabs


But… Have you noticed that hovering no longer opens the message/notification box?



That was the first thing I’ve noticed :slight_smile:


Yes @thecreativeguys, you are right. All the menu buttons require a click before seeing the dropdown menu.


BTW, this is how I want my top bar to look like :slight_smile: