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WoooW I got my first Order


Wooooooooow im So Happy Finally i got my first order !! and delivered it on time to the buyer !! He is Happy About it :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:


congrats :clap: I’m still waiting :slight_smile:


Thank You !! Give them extra for the buyers request then they will pick you… Think as Buyer :slight_smile: That’s How i got the chance :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Just now i finished the job i don’t know what next…


many many congratulation :man_technologist:t5::man_technologist:t5::man_technologist:t5:


Thank You !!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


i’m waiting for my 1st order …


how many times waiting for your first order ?


It was like two weeks and i had to promote my gigs every single day when i come online i share these on all the pleases that i can Facebook, google+, etc


congratulation ranush88 i hope now you will get lot of orders


Happy for you. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


When you get your second, 3rd, 4th orders, will you make an announcement, too?


Darn it, I forgot to celebrate my 26th order yesterday!
It’s kinda hilarious watching this new trend where everyone is celebrating every single order they get. :joy::joy:


Apparently, it’s the newest trend. :no_mouth:
Imagine the forum filled to the brim with these kinda posts. :weary:
I’m recommending that they journal :pen: these events.


This new trend is getting out of control. :rage:


Hahaha! Hopefully it will end soon, It’s getting out of hand. Anyway, I’m happy to see you Nika! :sunny:


Aw, thank you. Right back atcha! :wink: :heart:

Are you back or still on a break?


I think someone created a blog post or something…telling people that posting on fiverr forums will help you get more sales or gig views. Whatever it is…I don’t think it will end anytime soon. Fiverr should prepare an antidote for this fast spreading epidemic.


:joy: :zombie: :syringe::pill:

I’ve read stuff on the dark web. Sadly, they are just wasting their time listening to these self-proclaimed gurus, they will not gain anything.


I didn’t really take that break I expected & planned for. After few weeks, I started to find out that things started to get back to how it was so I didn’t really want to miss that opportunity and probably went back to work.

The weeks I was supposed to be on vacation turned out to be totally unproductive. So I thought to change the plans a little bit & I think it’s much better now!

Hope things are going fine for you too!


Hello Youssef! It is good to :eye: :eye: you! A hug to one of my favorite Egytians!