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Word "assignment" will deny your gig

You guys know that using word assignment would cause your gig to be rejected? My gig was initially approved, then i asked support for editing the gig, you know what i got, a mail stating that my has been removed even without a notice. I’m not sure how this works, since there are hundreds and thousands of gigs stating the word “assignment”. Any comments?

maybe there’s no issue with the word “Assignment”. What are the images you uploaded for the gig? are they downloaded form the internet? There maybe some copyright issues.Always try make your own unique identity on the gig. Copied gig description also may matters to gig rejection. for more information you should go with the customer support because they are the one which actually know the scenario why your gig was rejected.

this is what i got from fiverr.fiv
I think atleast they should consider on informing without removing the gig straight away.

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Yes they should inform, because now you lost all the description content you made for that gig right. there are lots of gigs directly saying that they are doing assignments. i even don’t know what’s the exact thing here. hopefully someone know about this will explain. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, the word “assignment” has been a flag word for a while. You can also get warned over having the words “essay” or even sometimes “paper.” Even if you have a gig where you use the phrase “I don’t do assignments” or “I don’t do homework” just having the words can be dangerous. There is a tiny workaround that seems to work for now, you can put something in your FAQs that says you don’t do academic work and that seems to work. I sure wouldn’t risk saying that you actually do academic work of any kind in your FAQs or elsehwere.