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Word Caterpillar, Round 2- Places! 🌎 🌍 🌏


It’s time for round two of the Word Caterpillar game! This time spelled with only one “t”…

On the last one, I loved all the cultures and local dishes that showed up. There were plenty I’ve never remotely heard of. For the most part, they looked delicious. Continuing with that strong sense of culture, this next go around we’ll be focusing on Places Around the World. Towns, cities, countries, continents, landmarks, and geographical features are all fair game. May the odds be ever in your favor.

The Rules

For each post, choose a location starting with the last letter(s) of the word/phrase in the previous response. Feel free to share pictures and details. See the last thread for examples.

We may limit the thread to 100 responses or so, and then let the “winner” choose the next topic. I think that would be a good way to keep the game moving and have fun with more themes.

We’re going to start with a very fascinating place I recently learned about: Cholula.

More about Cholula

Cholula is a small region in Puebla, Mexico with ancient ruins; a giant, active volcano called popocatepetl; and other fun stuff. It’s home of the world’s largest pyramid (volume-wise).
Much of the great pyramid of Cholula is covered with flora; it looks like a geometric grassy mountain.




Australia :australia:!


Wait, that’s an entire continent :rofl: I don’t see that in the rules :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just kidding. Oh, the rules have now been edited to include continents, too. :+1:

Aachen (It’s a city in Germany :de: ; it’s at the tri-point between Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium).

Fun trivia: It is Germany’s westernmost city.

@wooden_fish woops. sorry about that.


Ha, of course you’re first @geniusbar2046 . Welcome to the game.



AHAH! Twas’ the honor to be here first! Honestly, my finger click this thread faster than the speed of light when I saw it lolol

Lebanon :lebanon:


The only things I know are beautiful flowers, tasty treats and a cool looking character from Hetalia.


Sierra Nevada Mountains In the USA


You read my mind! I was going to make a travel thread too. Only I did not think to make it like the Caterpillar Game thread. Good idea! I like having a game to go to. It is a nice break from the regular Forum. Kind of like a place to meet friends and relax and maybe meet new friends. :blush:


Abu Dhabi

Quiz Time! :alarm_clock:

What rare marine animal inhabits the waters of Abu Dhabi?




I did not know about the animal! I might as well be first to say ISRAEL, home of:


I have been to Israel once, a long time ago. It was fascinating. One of the most interesting things for me was the old city of Jerusalem. The wall around it was so cool and I wouldn’t have guessed how wide it was until I was there!



The top of that building is weird, but the inside of their HQ is so stylish.

El Dorado

Fictional/mythical/legendary places count too? :man_shrugging:


You started the thread, so technically you make the rules now! I saw that you quoted-

To me that would mean fictional/mythical places (i.e. District 12) would count, but it’s your call! What say ye, Fish of Wooden?

In case the answer is yes, to your El Dorado I offer:

Overlook Hotel Points for the first person to say where the Overlook Hotel is or comes from!



Alright, they absolutely count!

Overlook Hotel
Hotel Transylvania [Shudder]


Ok, so this time, it’s ‘a’ that’s going to be a problem in this game not ‘e’ :joy:





Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley

“Construction began on Scotty’s Castle in 1922, and cost between $1.5 and $2.5 million. A man named Walter Scott born in Cynthiana, Kentucky, also known as “Death Valley Scotty”, convinced Chicago millionaire Albert Johnson to invest in his gold mine in the Death Valley area. Walter Scott, convinced everyone that he had built the castle with money from his rich secret mines in the area and even had workers make noise when guests were over so they could pretend to be mining Scotty’s fictional mine under the house. Albert Mussey Johnson actually built the house as a vacation getaway for himself and his wife Bessie and Scotty was simply a friend.”


Wow. That’s interesting :smiley:


Fun trivia: Yokohama is the LARGEST CITY IN JAPAN by population (tbh, I thought it was Tokyo :rofl:).


aleutian islands

The Aleutian Islands are a chain of 14 large volcanic islands and 55 smaller ones belonging to both the U.S. state of Alaska and the Russian federal subject of Kamchatka Krai.







Oh, interesting, I thought they were all part of Alaska.

Siam (Thailand) is home of a sweet, mild, chili sauce called Mae Ploy.

To me it looks (and tastes a bit) like duck sauce with pepper confetti. I only discovered it a couple weeks ago, so I haven’t had much time to find all its uses, but next I’ll be trying it as a marinade on chicken, most likely.

I’d never heard of it before, but apparently it’s a lot more prevalent than I realized and I think I can buy it at most of the chain grocery stores around here.

I wish they’d hire me as a designer because their packaging is a bit of a mess. Photography, too.





Montana is the 4th largest state with an area of 147,040 mi². From west to east it is 630 miles (1015 km) and 255 miles (410 km) from north to south.

Fun Story:
In Fort Benton, a cowboy once insisted on riding his horse to his room in the Grand Union Hotel. The manager objected, so the two exchanged gunfire. The Horseman was killed and, later, fourteen .44 slugs were found in his body.

Fun Fact: Fort Keogh holds the record for the largest snowflake ever observed, which was an astounding 15 inches in diameter. :snowflake:

Montana is geographically and economically diverse.





This is the Rocky Mountain Front where the prairie meets the mountains

Fields of Grain

There are more cattle in Montana than there are people.

Montana is the 4th largest state in the US, by area. You can fit Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York within its borders and still have room for the District of Columbia.


The Sundarbans is a mangrove area in the delta formed by the confluence of Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers in the Bay of Bengal. It spans from the Hooghly River in India’s state of West Bengal to the Baleswar River in Bangladesh