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Word Caterpillar, Round 2- Places! 🌎 🌍 🌏



Probably the only country I’ve seen with a prevalent logo for the tourism (besides a flag).



A city in my neck of the woods, known for cattle ranching and business, not my favorite place but interesting! Home of the Cadillac Ranch “art” which was created by a rich dude with Cadillacs and a field and a funny sense of humor:


For those who know who Dr. Phil is (also not one of my favorite people), he was an unknown living near Amarillo, TX until he rose to fame very quickly. Oprah Winfrey did a show in Amarillo way back and it was not popular. Oprah hired a legal consulting firm and Phil McGraw owned the firm. He was also into a bunch of get-rich-quick schemes selling life coaching, weight loss products, yada yada.

Oprah liked him and put him on her show. He rose to fame and still does a lot of television as a “psychologist” even though he has no license to practice psychology in any state.

I don’t remember what happened in the Amarillo trials with Oprah, but when I think of Amarillo it makes me remember that and the Cadillac Ranch which is a cool place.


I like the concept of the Cadillac art if not the style.

Not your favorite place? Based on your niche, I doubt it’s the cattle or the fire ants that are the issue there? Texas is too hot for me.


Yes, Amarillo is hot but so is this whole area so that doesn’t bother me too much. I don’t like the fire ants either, but they are all over this area too. :slight_smile: I have no issues with cattle although I am not fond of some of the practices that go on in that industry. I don’t eat meat which makes me weird to a lot of Texans! I have written about cows several times for Fiverr clients although luckily two of them were articles for a cow sanctuary in Southeast Asia. (I’d also love to go to a Gai Jatra Festival.)

I would probably be more at home visiting a cow sanctuary than a cow ranch in Texas, although I have enjoyed riding horses at cattle round-ups! Amarillo is okay, but just not a place I would live again. I would go back to the Cadillac ranch and it really looks awesome up close. The guy who did that has also done several all bizarre things to fields in that area. I don’t think he’s still living but I admire him!


I do eat meat but I love living cows too; animals in general.

Oslo, Norway

is the capital of… Norway and a county in Norway. It’s ranked number one for quality of life in European cities with large urban parks, accessible public transportation, and a strong economy.


I’m not against eating meat and wouldn’t tell others not to eat it. I am for humane treatment and I’m glad to say that a lot of the cattle processors in the USA have moved to methods proposed by Dr. Temple Grandin. I don’t eat meat because it’s just not my thang and I wouldn’t go in a cattle processing facility because they stink. :smiley:

Since you left a Y and I started with hot places, I’ll counter lovely Oslo, Norway with:

Yucca, Arizona!


Once you hit Yucca, it’s only another 37 miles (59km) to Santa Claus, AZ!

@geniusbar2046 where are you? It’s another A!


A reminder on how the game works:


We’ve already had 2 of the “A” states (Alaska and Arizona) so how about a third?

Arkansas (are-ken-saw) is only about 8 hours from Amarillo.

  • It’s full of Armadillos which smell terrible and carry leprosy.
  • The hardest diamonds in the world come from Crater of Diamonds park.
  • Armadillos get run over a lot.
  • Armadillos smell more terrible once they’re squashed.
  • I didn’t find any diamonds.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This had me literally teary from giggles. Ok… time for an S… let’s see what happens.


The San Andreas Fault: One of the main reasons why places such as Los Angeles and San Francisco dance :man_dancing: to the tunes :musical_note: of mother Earth every once in a while. California, specifically the southern California area, experiences an average of 950 earthquakes A MONTH! (this includes all noticeable earthquakes — ranging from barely noticeable to extremely violent).

Apparently, it forms the boundary between the Pacific plate and the North American plate, and it extends roughly 1,200 km (750 miles; for those who don’t do metric :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) through California!

(I think it is a satelite image).


Sorry, I don’t have time for an exhaustive description right now, but I want to get the game going again.


Yep, it’s the A’s this time.



Located in South Carolina, US. Historic location with lots of history, natural attractions, picturesque locations and lots of places to shop.



Norwich… A nice city in the East of England situated in the region of Norfolk. Royalty holiday there and the City loves it’s professional soccer team Norwich City FC.



Herstmonceux Castle (Take your choice for the next place)



Red brick moated castle of 1440’s, built by Ralph Fiennes, whose family crest is displayed over the entrance. Now home to the International Study Centre of Queen’s University (Canada), so the interior cannot be viewed.




A city in Egypt that houses many ancient marvels which include but aren’t limited to ancient temples, ruins and a nice water view. Chances are high that a lot of the sites at this location will look familiar to you if you’re a movie buff.


The Ural mountains: These mountains run north-south through western Russia. These mountains form the conventional boundary that separates the European and Asian parts of Russia.




Also located in Egypt and possibly Vegas. Across the River from Edfu (slightly southeast from here) and the same premise applies. Ancient ruins, lovely views and familiar markers. Lexor also reminds me of this classic 90s cartoon that revolved around Ancient Egypt and aired during the 1 Saturday Morning lineup - a collab between Disney and ABC here in the states.


Oh boy, did I missed the catterpillar!!! I got sad knowing the inevitable was going to come :cry: Thanks for bringing a new one to life!!! :smiley:

Beautiful Rhine Valley in Germany and its famous vineyards (incredible white wine :heart_eyes:)



Not sure if this counts as a location but: Yorktown

It a floating Naval Museum docked in South Carolina. It has lots of stairs, tight corridors, cool views of the water, pteranodon-like pelicans that like to swoop over your head, cool aircrafts from yore, an actual escalator (we thought it was weird but saw a picture that it was part of the original ship), low ceilings at points… did I mention a lot of stairs?

Best to visit when it’s cool and if you want to venture into the war experience area be sure to have your bug spray ready - lots of biters. Pic below of Yorktown, Laffy and Clamagore (didn’t make the tour for this one but the Laffy is cool).


Backup Location: Yemassee, South Carolina

Funny how it looks similar to Yosemite. Any who this is another historic location that has a mix of new and timeless attractions. Some where in Yemassee the movie Forrest Gump was filmed a good bit; though much of Southeast SC was used for filming. Too bad the house isn’t still standing that was built for the film.



Tarbela Dam (Urdu/Pashto: تربیلا بند) is an earth-filled dam on the Indus River in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is the largest earth-filled dam in the world, and also the largest dam by structural volume