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Word Catterpillar Game 🐛


It has been a while since we just kicked back and had fun :clown_face: together. So let’s play a word game. :slightly_smiling_face:

A word caterpillar created by using the last letter/s of the previous post

We are ‘in the kitchen’, so any words relating to food, herbs, :herb: spices, vegetables :corn:, desserts :cake:, kitchen utensils :fork_and_knife:, pots and pans​:shallow_pan_of_food: :fried_egg: and the like, the structure/s of/in the kitchen and so on.

I’ll start with…
Avocado :avocado:

Word Caterpillar, Round 2- Places! :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

I am not totally sure I understand the game but I think I’m suppose to make a new word related to kitchen or food and the last letters in the post before mine. I’m going with a favorite:
Avocado ends it “do” so I’ll make the word:


If this is not how the game works maybe I’m bad at the explanation or distracted by emojis so feel free to correct me!


You got it correct! My word is oregano!

Now that we have done a sample round, others can join in. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the perfect moment for me to “chip in” cuz the previous word ends in one of my fav. words: “no”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Being the lazy arse that I am, I love no bake recipes: simple, unexacting dessert recipes which neither demand for EXACT measurement of the ingredients nor require any actual baking. :rofl:

My word(s) of choice is:

“No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pudding Pie” :wink:


In the spirit of the season, I will add Eggnog.


Can i also join?
I will add “Granola”


Of course!

I add Apple :apple: Corer



I will add “Raspberry” :strawberry:



Yellow squash and yum!



Yellow squas_h_
“Hokkien Noodles”


I’ll go with sauce pan.


Here’s my word “nachos”


mine is sallad dressing


“Yogurt” healthy food.


No!!! You are doing it wrong. @arty182925 foods end with a “g” so you have to start with a g. And you wrote yogurt…!!!

I’ll continue!!

I’ll go with Gingerbread cookie_s_. :cookie:


Oops!!! sorry! I saw wrong.I could add "ginger":thinking:
s …I will add "Soup":stew:




Yolk :egg: :fried_egg:


kefir (20 char)



“Rolling pin”