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Word Catterpillar Game 🐛





“t”… TEA :sunglasses:


APRON - I need to always wear one.


Great!!! Vickie came to the rescue!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




That apron is more beautiful than my clothes. I think I’d rather get tomato sauce on my t-shirt than that. :stuck_out_tongue: :tomato:

Which is something I probably would do if I was eating Alphabet Soup


I thought it was too. My apron is a cobbler apron type. image
That way the stains too not show so much.

My word is pumpkin pie image


Can we use non english words? It will start with the same alphabet. :thinking:

Mod Note: Technically you could post in other languages if an accurate English translation is provided. Generally it is good to defer to the preference of the OP in a social conversation/game. :slight_smile:


This is from the Forum "Do’s and Dont’s
> The forum is primarily English-based simply because the majority of Fiverr users can all communicate in English making it a simple choice for a common language. It is not against the rules to post in other languages, but users should be aware that non-English posts may end up in editorial review for an indefinite period.

Therefore we will keep the game in English. Plus I think it is a good game to expand the vocabulary of non-English speakers. :wink:

The word was Pumpkin Pie


Ok boss! :vulcan_salute:t5:

Espresso :smirk: is the word i would like to go with.


Open faced sandwich


Heifer Hamburger

(I think that should get extra points for two “food” words with the same beginning and ending letters. Sorry to non-beef-eaters - I’m a vegetarian so don’t blame me. :smiley: )

My version made without heifer - just brown rice and chickpeas but still a burger!)




Escargot :snail:
I tried them once. I do not see the appeal. They taste like mud!



And I am guessing that was your last time too now. :laughing:

Tomato :tomato:


Octopus :grimacing:

Personally, I’ve never eaten these things. Will I in the future, um, maybe not. :sweat_smile::mask:

I imagine the texture would be rubbery and tough. As for the taste, maybe a :athletic_shoe: shoe? :mask:

@vickiespencer :eyes:PEEKABOO :laughing: Got the memo! Oh, and for the record, I missed you, too. :heart: :kissing_heart:


Scotch Broth


I love them !!! :heart_eyes:

You don’t know what you miss !!! You must start trying mediterranian food!!! :heart_eyes:

BTW HAPPY NEW YEAR NIKA!!! We all missed you !!!






HNY :champagne: :partying_face: Right back at you! :kissing_heart:

I hope the coming here is filled with sugar & spice & everything nice. :wink:

O…M…G!!! Don’t get me started on Mediterranean food. I LOVE IT!

I’M HOOKED! :fishing_pole_and_fish::tropical_fish:

Here’s a fave of mine. :yum:
Paired with Quinoa yummy stuff.

Oops, I forgot I gotta choose something with N.

DUH Notorious/Nefarious Nika :sunglasses:

OK, for real this time.

Napkin to wipe my lips after eating those yummy falafels. :smile:


Here, some chips while waiting…