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Word Catterpillar Game 🐛


We call it that here too. I can purchase it at my local supermarket.

Eggs I took the “eg” from @maitasun’s nutmeg. :wink:





Tequila :tropical_drink:


Hmmm, how about …

Apple Pie :pie:


Empanada :star_struck:


Artificial Sweetners

Artificial sweeteners are just like sugar but not actual sugar. They are many times sweeter than a normal sugar that we use, but we can use them in the sugar free drinks, yougurt or any food. We use this often!


Salad ! :green_salad::green_salad::green_salad::green_salad:


“Dumpling” (I don’t like it )



p.s. I’m in love with this game now hehehe


American Cheese :cheese::cheese:


hmm… how about Edamame
I love them so much


Me toooooooooo !!! :heart_eyes: :blush:

You must try them filled with a mixture made up of boiled potatoes cooked with onions and chorizo :heart_eyes: :yum:

Yeah, it makes you break your brains :rofl: :rofl:

So, for dessert some Melon (also known as cantaloupe)







I have! :star_struck: I love them… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good anti-microbial and works in many, many things !!! :smiley: Has plenty sulfur :wink:

Let’s sweeten up the day with Strudel :yum:



I am hungry send me those :wink:


“lasagna” (I’ve cooked it once seeing on online)


I am very hungry I should go to my kitchen and look for food so guys I can’t post it live Just work with this photo image


Chicken biryani…??!:yum: (chicken cooked with rice and special spices)


I love lasagne… Sometimes I go crazy and make like a large 10-layered lasagne :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :heart_eyes:

Oke so my word is gonna be:

Artichoke :smiley: