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Word Catterpillar Game 🐛


Egg Timer! :egg::timer_clock:


Remoulade Sauce

Remoulade is a sauce/dip made with either mayonnaise or aioli (which acts as a base) along with some added herbs and spices. :slight_smile:


Yumm :yum: :star_struck:

Egg Cup! :egg::bowl_with_spoon:


“Papaya”!!! (I love to eat)…one of my favorite food


I just had a salad with grilled octopus the other night. Chewy! :octopus:


The eeeeeeee boss the eeeee :frowning_face: What a headache with the e but you got it solved :sweat_smile:

I love it too and veeeery good for the whole digestive system :smiley:

Aloe vera if any of us gets burn when cooking - although vinager is best - or as a morning shake with lemon and ginger for detox from inside out :smiley:



I love fried calamari. ( a tenecled relative of the octopus). They are chewy but tasty.


I enjoy the game even though many use google, including me. :wink: Since this community is international, it is interesting to learn about other kitchen items than those I use. For example, I never knew about sorrel soup and I think I would like to try making it. :yum:

Aloe Vera






Meringues… which are lovely with berries and cream!


Can someone tell me when this game will over? Just curious to know. :sweat_smile::heart:


Never! :smiling_imp:



I’m telling you, we’ll all end up fat as cows with so much food being served at the table, specially the dessert table :worried: :sweat_smile:




Oh no! Here comes another ‘e’!

What about…
Egg Beater!



I knew you would beat it !!! Absolute master of the eeeeeee :sweat_smile:

Something exotic this time, let’s have some Roti :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




I feel like having some Idli today!


Can you explain for all of us what is Idli? Looks nice and tasty! :smiley:


Yes, Idlis are very delicious! :grinning: It is a South Indian dish.

Idlis are steamed cake of black lentils and rice. They are served with Sambar (kind of vegetable stew) and coconut and/or tomato chutney (sauce).


:joy: :laughing: I don’t know if it was intended, but I said ‘Egg Beater,’ and then you said 'I knew you could BEAT it. I found that hilarious. lololol

Ice Cream Scoop !


Mmmmm… that sounds amazing :star_struck: :yum: