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Word Catterpillar Game 🐛


I thought the same thing too after posting but just left it as it was :rofl: :sweat_smile: Must have been the writing goblins playing around and having fun :joy: :joy:

Pistachio for everyone!



:joy: :joy:

Yum… :yum:

Oven ! :hotsprings:


Nut Pick :pick:

During the Christmas holiday :christmas_tree: , we eat pounds of mixed nuts :chestnut: :peanuts: and we use a nutcracker and a NUT PICK to get all of the NUT meat out of the shell.



Same! I love doing this :grin:

Time to eat some Kiwis! :kiwi_fruit: :kiwi_fruit: :kiwi_fruit: :kiwi_fruit: :kiwi_fruit: :kiwi_fruit:


Saffron Rice

HA - I don’t think that’s been done AND I stuck you with another E!!! (And it’s yummy)



HAHAHA not for long…



OH, nice one with the CE! Ok, fine, I’m having my cereal without milk. I’m pouring LIQUOR over it!



AHAHAHAH mixing it up a bit I see…

Why don’t you have some Orange Juice with that :cup_with_straw:… whoops another E :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Fine - Egg sandwich with cheeze whiz…

The gauntlet is down!



You knew what is Roti??? :thinking: I was going to comment Roti but I thought in English, it is known as Indian Bread so that’s why I didn’t mentioned it! :relieved:


Zucchini (20 characters)




It’s a mesh of rice flour and then made into a noodles. :ramen: :blush:


You can’t beat the e master :joy: :arrow_down:

:flushed: Now, 2 e masters !!! :laughing: @geniusbar2046, you’ve got competition :joy:

The ineffable “e” seems to never end. I shiver just thinking on “i” :grimacing:

Yes, from back on the days of my childhood in T&T :smiley: The most I like is chicken roti :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Don’t know how to cook it, what I know, is how to eat it :heart_eyes: :joy: Although it’s been long since I haven’t eaten it again :cry:

Let’s continue building up the dessert table and our bellys with Marzipan :sweat_smile:




Rule Clarification

By the way, do I get bonus points for using the last THREE letters of the previous word? :smiley:



You’ll have to wait for Vickie to answer that but yes, I think you deserve it :sweat_smile:


No!!! @ahmwritingco doesn’t because panettone ends with an “e”. :rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:flushed::scream: Didn’t realize!!! Oh that eeee… never ending story :musical_note:

Anyway, we all can count on @geniusbar2046 and @fonthaunt :wink: :smiley:

Still, I think @ahmwritingco deserves for the effort of 3 letters :blush:


Haha, yeah, the dreaded “e”. I’ll go again to give the next person a different letter.

Emmental – a Swiss cheese with holes in, which goes really well with burgers.

Message for Maitasun

Yay. You’re becoming my new best friend. :blush: :three:


Thanks, you too!!! :blush: