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Word Count feature is possible missing?


Sorry if i started the thread in the wrong category.

I can’t seem to find the additional words feature.
Here is the SS of the page:

If i were to select Add Gig Extra I can’t select any word count whatsoever.


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This is because most ‘word-count’ gigs do that automatically. Buyers can manually enter the wordcount in a box and it will calculate the price based on multiples of what you set your price as. (Or a dropdown to change the quantity, though it won’t adjust the time to match.)

Hi, I’m having the same issue. One of my clients today informed me that they were having trouble selecting 1200 words instead of the 1000 word default option. I went in to edit the gig to see what the issue was and now the only option is 1000 words and the only way to buy more is to buy multiple packages. This doesn’t work for me because there is a big price difference between 1250 words and 2000 words (or a second 1000 word package). You used to be able to add additional words under gig extras, and this could vary depending on the package level. I don’t see this option anymore as the original poster stated. Has anyone found a solution? Thanks!

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Same issue here. This appears to be a recent change. I have messaged Fiverr about this and they do not seem to appreciate the severity of the problem. I offer proofreading and editing services so it is absolutely imperative that clients can specify their word count precisely. It needs to be rectified immediately.

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Me too, @danwheeleruk. Since Fiverr has eliminated the word count box 2-3 weeks ago, customers are ordering less frequently, and less accurately than they used to. This change is definitely costing both Fiverr and sellers money and customers.

I just had a new-to-Fiverr client ask me what the estimated charges were to edit a 5,000-word short story:

I have a short story that I’d like to have edited. It’s about 5,000 words. This is the first time using the service. So what is the estimated charge?

They placed an order for 750 words, and a 12-hour rush before I could respond. Even though my gig clearly asks buyers to message me for both rushes and 5,000+ word orders, and that all pricing is for 750 words, I do not blame this customer one bit.

  • Copy edit, Pricing per 750 words: $20
  • Edit your work in just 12 hours. Pricing is per 750 words: $15

They ordered the minimum package, because it’s a simple click and they didn’t see another option. And they are likely going to be shocked to see that the $35 order they place comes with a $255 Gig “Extra”:

5256 words/750 words per package = 7.008 additional packages
$20 (Copy Editing Package rate) * 7 = $140
$15 (12-hour rush rate) * 7 = $105
$140 + $105 = $255 total

While I’m not thrilled that I had to take five minutes to visually, transparently represent something that used to take five seconds to see, this new customer is likely going to be very put off by this experience. Consumers don’t want to have do math to buy something, and they definitely don’t like big add-ons after they place orders, no matter how justified the pricing is.

All of this would be avoided by bring the word count feature back.


I have been messaging Fiverr about this repeatedly over the past two weeks, and their responses have been unsatisfactory. It feels like removing the word count feature is a mistake, and it should be reinstated immediately.

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Anyone have any idea when this will be fixed? This is incredibly frustrating and hurting my business.

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You can send buyers a custom offer for their desired word count if the feature isn’t available.