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Word count not showing up?

Originally I had it so Premium was 5000 and Standard was 3000 but currently all I see are these grey check marks despite looking and making sure I had the correct numbers down. On the side too it has a grey ‘up to 1000’ words too versus the actual word count.

I’m not entirely sure how to fix this so I thought I’d ask the people here if they could help.

Also um hi, I just started fiverr. I’m Antigone.

Not sure. Never encountered that before.

(Side note: you might want to review the TOS section on inappropriate content.)

Here or on the site proper?

Maybe some checkbox in the gig setup is unchecked or some other field not filled in. If it’s not that do you have a screenshot of the gig setup screen for it?

re: The TOS section, I assume she means the main site’s one at

OHhh I see what you mean.

It seems that Fiverr itself is what judges that so if someone ever reports it and it says no then I’ll take it but before I made my gigs I saw a bunch of others in that area of expertise so that’s what makes me hesitate. I do have specific rules regarding what I will/won’t do though. Honestly, it’s not the gig doing the most for me right now anyway.

I just figured that out re TOS because I’m dumb.

Um, I’ll see if I unchecked something because yeah I just got a DM regarding the word count not showing up which is odd.

Yeah I’ve gone over the gig setup right now once again and it seems like it’s got everything checked so I’m rather confused. Maybe I can delete and remake it? Weird.

You could try that. Maybe someone with a writing gig will know if there’s some setup issue.
You could contact CS through a support ticket and maybe report it as a bug if that’s what it seems to be.

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I think I fixed it, actually. I just re-entered the gigs.

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