Word Document wont attach to deliver Order...AAArg


I’ve opened many tickets with the Fiverr service desk but they can’t fix it. I’m ready to give up on Fiverr…frustrated. Whenever I try to attach a Word document to deliver a gig…it just spins and spins. Small files like 100K or less work fine. anything larger takes forever to attach or never does. Anyone else experience this problem. I need a solution or I’m getting out of the Fiverr business…it’s too frustrating and not fair to my customers.



Several options:

  1. Zip the file
  2. Use “Wordpad” save it as “.rtf”
  3. Convert to PDF
  4. Use Firefox/chrome/IE/Edge/Opera/Dolphin/Waterfox/Your Cellphone browser
  5. Use a different Laptop/PC
  6. Change your ISP

Good luck!:thumbsup:


Upload the file to Pastebin or Dropbox and send the link to your customers.


I get this all the time. Dropbox is your friend. I often have issues with 20kb files or less using the Fiverr attachment system, and rather than waste endless hours screaming at the attachment, it’s much easier to upload to dropbox, wait, then grab the link and deliver.

If your internet is awful like mine, yeah, I know. Welcome to the club. My ISP is on holiday until mid January and I’m at a crawl until then. Happy days indeed.


Dropbox cost $$ to use. I shouldn’t have to pay someone else to use your service just so I can deliver my orders. Never heard of Pastebin. Please review my previous tickets regarding this subject and you should understand my frustration. I’m ready to stop selling on Fiverr. mcacton57


Thanks for your suggestions, but I’ve tried all that before without success.


Dropbox cost $$ right? Don’t feel I should pay them to be able to use Fiverr. That’s not right.


You have a free GB or something like that.


I get that you’re frustrated, but it’s worth looking into these solutions. I also use OneDrive and Google Drive. Depends which one is being least shitty when I just want to send the goddamn order in.


Thanks for the info. I just tried google drive and that seems a viable option. Mike


I deal with issues with the delivery-uploads all the time. The other day I kept getting ‘failure’ for an MP4. When issues like those arise, just use another upload platform: Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. are all great ones to use. Buyers can download work quickly and easily.

From that point, I’d report the bug to Fiverr CS when you have a chance (after you’ve delivered the Gig) so they can look into fixing the issue and follow up with them.



I use Ge.tt when something like that happens. It’s free, and you don’t even need an account to use it.