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Word Domination Suddenly Dropped Down to 69%

Hi Guys,

My Word Domination has been dropped down to 69% from 81%. Anyone experienced the same? Kindly check yours and let me know.

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Mine dropped as well. Must be a site-wide bug. I hope they fix it soon, I love that map :blush:


Yeah, if so, they’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:

Mine dropped ten points too.

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From 22% to 18% just in one day!
Maybe new countries were released :earth_asia:
Or maybe fiverr proceed to the next level and now we can sell our services to other lifeforms :alien:


Hahahaha May Be :smile: :wink:


There are several active volcanoes in the oceans right now creating new land masses so that must be the reason.


I also noticed that my location mark moved. And now it detects me more accurately! I live in Ukraine behind Romania border (before that mark was somewhere in Belarus)


Maybe they are updating the map with accurate location data :slight_smile:

80%? Wow…you are one of the most successful sellers in the writing category, and been so for a long time. Cheers :grinning:

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Yeah my friend :slight_smile: Last time I checked, it was 81% to be exact :wink: You too are a successful seller! Key is to be a service provider than a seller. All the best! :slight_smile:

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I checked mine a few days ago and it was 65%. Now it’s 55%.

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May be they are starting to calculate it for a certain period of time, like for 4 weeks or something?

I think Fiverr is trying to evolve. They want their pro doers to float above than anyone else I think. So, there is a chance that privileges enjoyed by top rated sellers will be gone because now onwards overall history does not matter but periodical history will be.

If so, new sellers and established sellers will be competing each other and their will be a communist effect on the number of sales for each sellers. (Average income drops for everyone and no can can survive anymore with peanuts)

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Good point! :wink: Maybe or maybe not :sunny: Let’s see what’s gonna happen. :slight_smile:

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Earlier my flag was accurately positioned, but now it has been shifted to a different location which is not related at all. Don’t know what’s going on :frowning:

Mine dropped 4% as well. Just noticed it today. Hopefully it will get fixed or they explain why. (Algorithm change, factoring in countries they weren’t factoring in before, etc.)

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My percentage also dropped by 4%-5%.

My current theory is that they stopped counting orders that were canceled maybe?

Or when they cleaned house (VPN accounts were blocked/not verified) they re-calculated?


Same here ! Its doped by 2 percent.

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I have contacted Fiverr CS and waiting for their response. Let’s see.

Good point, but I don’t think cancelled order may count for 12% of my world domination.