Word of mouth marketing


Online local business just changes the scenario. Something from the old school, ‘word of mouth’ playing a crucial role in a new form. Online customers are that ‘word of mouth’ people. No matter how small you are, you can beat a giant in your local business. Use channels like GMB to explore your strength. You may visit my gig about GMB.


please change your thread title. Links are against TOS


Thanks a lot, changed.


Can you tell me, where should I link my gig? I’m new here.


only in “my fiverr gigs” can you advertise. Don’t spam the gig there either, just offer it once.


Oh :smile: , i thought I’m in ‘my fiverr gigs’.


yes but you can’t use a link as a TITLE. That’s what I was saying


Then I am asking where should I place my link, so that an interested person can check it. Is it the link section within the post? :smile:


you make a thread in “My Fiverr Gigs” with a normal title like “check out my gig” or “I will do xxxx” and then in the body of that message post you talk about your gig.

You just can’t have the link as a title.

Also: Read the Fiverr Academy and learn about how to be a member here. It’ll help :slight_smile:


So nice of you, thanks. :smile: