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Word press sparkle?


I see so many wordpress sites that sparkle and pop. To be candid mine sort of sucks and looks like it was edited in WORD. What are some key strategies for making a digital product website pop off the home page? DO I need a graphic designer or a plug in or both? I am currently using the “spacious” theme. Any suggestions are welcome. I don’t know if I can post my website link under the TOS.


I suggest you go to the gig category and get a consultation with a WordPress expert.

The forum rules don’t allow your website link here on the forum, but there are lots of individual sellers with expertise. Another idea would be to try one of the “critique your site” type gigs. You can go to the page and search for the keywords “website critique” or similar and you’ll see a ton of people offering help at very low prices.


thats certainly one way to go about it. Looking for more of a forum discussion before dropping more cash on my project. Specifically, because I want to spend quality money like $100+ or so on a seasoned pro but again the discussion part is important.



Do you want spam? because this is how you get spammed.

“I mek bestest wp website fur lovest rates. I is best designar in ma village. gimme ur sel”. :joy:

Don’t make the BR like that, it leaves a lot (everything) to the designer’s imagination and is the quickest way to mismanaged expectations.

Give them something specific like “this is the color of my product, this is the color I want my website to have, these are the dimensions I want or mobile responsive fluid width page, landing page with no sidebar; I want a paypal button in the end with a call to action “download my product” which automatically downloads my digital product upon successful completion of payment yada yaya” << specifics which can be benchmarked when the final delivery is made.

If you say “something that sparkles and pops” and the seller delivers something based on his understanding and it doesn’t “sparkle and pop” for you, that’s the quickest way to have 2 unhappy Fiverr users.