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WordPress Contact Form gig Help

I’m New to fiverr. I want to create a gig with WordPress content form!
Want experienced advice! What topics need to focus on the gig!

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Don’t create a gig if you don’t know what features your gig should have or what people want in said gig.

Also, research these things instead of asking us to do it for you.


@humanissocial Thanks for your advice! Yes! I do regular research. I came to experience the forum.

Hi, welcome to Fiverr forum.
You should try to create another gig servise. I personally don’t recommed this. Because contact for is a very popular plugin and every one can setup. So I think You can’t any job on this gig.
Just buyer come here for fix any problem on contact form.
I hope you understand.
Thank you


Great point. If it is something someone can set up in seconds on their own, it isn’t worth doing.


Thanks for your advice. @developermdsk But now, the new world does not require any client’s contact form?

That isn’t what he said at all.

He’s saying it is easy and fast for people to do on their own, so why would someone hire you to do it?

The point of buying a gig is to buy someone’s skills and it takes zero skill to put up a contact form. A young kid could do it.


@humanissocial. If I create the right gig in my mind, the client will respond
If I believe, creating contact forms is easy! Clients can create their own! Then it would be my fault.
Because most clients spend their time doing other work for a short period of time.

It’s your pleasure
Best of luck
Have a good day and I pray for you. You will get many job on give gig
thank you

Yea, but creating a contact form takes literally 30 seconds. It doesn’t apply to the scenario you describe.

If you want to save people time, create gigs that actually take up people’s time, like more than 30 seconds of it. No one will buy something that they can do on their own in 30 seconds.

Don’t invent problems to suit the gig you want to create. Figure out the real problems and then tailor your gig around that.

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@humanissocial and @developermdsk . Yes! Thanks for your advice.
There is a lot of gig in contact form I have researched on Fiverr. Also making more regular gigs. They are also doing client work.

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I have very little knowledge in WP and amazingly, this morning even, activated a “contact form” on my site. The plug in walks you through it…


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exactly true comment