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WordPress Developer and new seller on fiverr

Hi Everyone!

My Name is Ahmed! I am a web developer, I love using and exploring web technologies.

can anyone help me and guide me on how to get my very first order.



Welcome Ahmed to fiverr,
I hope you can success in here. Because you choose good path. Create attractive gig with matching keywords. Send buyer request daily.
Check this link too>>

Here is some tips to get success fast:

  1. Create 7 GIGs, so you will get more chance to get order.
  2. Use Buyer Request. Buyer request is one of the best way to get your first order.
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Welcome to Fiverr wish u luck and happiness

Thanks to you @newplus_design, really appreciate your guide.

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@product_expert9 thanks for your reply! I do use buyer request daily. Do you think my location is the problem? I am a Pakistani but I live in KSA. because their technical reputation is not that good.

thank you @creativity18. I wish you the same!

Brother I don’t think location is the problem. I will suggest you to write best proposal. Write how you will do the project better than other. Also You can use special characters on proposal. Special characters will make your proposal noticeable to the Buyer

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Thanks a lot @product_expert9 your help is much appreciated.

It’s fair to say that while Fiverr has been good for me, it’s not for everyone. It’s a platform that requires a fair bit of time and setup to be truly effective, and ongoing maintenance to drive new orders.

If you’re in a dry spell for your WordPress business, it could help to spend some time setting up a profile and some Fiverr gigs, optimizing for an upsell, or creating a Fiverr gig with a higher starting price. Though on its surface, Fiverr seems to cater to a low-quality customer base, the potential for long-term customers is certainly promising.