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WordPress expert for fiverr begeiner

I am fully expert in WordPress in back ends and front end. I have done many works in up work. but i started fiverr as a web developer. but there is no order on my gig. I have created my gig with own mind. i have confidence to make any type of WordPress problems. now I wanna know how to get orders on my gigs?wordpressWebsite Creation

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hi, welcome to the fiverr, wish you all the best.

If you complete many order in upwork then you need to spend many time in there. Foucs there.

You need to do SEO On your GIGS so whatever you name your gig you need to name your photo for gig such as this way. For example You have a gig that sais “I will build your wordpress website”

You need to then name your gig photos this way i-will-create-build-wordpress-site

Second. Fiverr does not release search volume keyword research, but I believe some people have figured this out alone.Start to research certain searches, see how many people have sales and then copy from them. The Higher the amount of feedback, the higher chance you can get in.

You should send offers to the buyer’s who post offers. Be the first one to send the offer. This will improve your impression on your gigs. Which may increase the number of orders.