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I have a guy wanting to seal the deal on my Wordpress Gig, however, I’m scared of the process.
How does this work, because making him a WordPress website isn’t something that I can deliver on Fiverr, so how do I do this to where I don’t end up doing free work? I could build his website and he could cancel the order at any point in time? Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks

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Sorry I have no Experience…

Hi Bryce,

What exactly is your concern?
You’re afraid that the user might do a chargeback after you deliver?

Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t fight for every chargeback so yes there is a chance that a user might get away with it, however, the % of those buyers is very small.

What you can do is this

  1. Send the proposal outlining all the project details. Make sure you list everything that is within the scope and make sure you proposal covers situations where the buyer wants to change scope or request multiple revisions.

  2. Once they accept the proposal they will make a full deposit to Fiverr who will hold it until the project is delivered & approved.

  3. Develop the site on your server and don’t provide access until the buyer has reviewed and accepted it.

  4. Once the customer has clearly stated that they are happy with the result then you migrate the site to their server. This will make sure that if there is a dispute, Fiverr support can see that customer was satisfied with the result before handover.

I’ve delivered about 100 orders on this platform and I haven’t worked with a user who tried to scam me. Most buyers are actually pleasant to work with and your vetting process should filter out scammers.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, this helps relieve my concerns!