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Wordpress gig - install unlimited themes/plugins for $5


Are you not confident with installing Wordpress or are not feeling up to it? well i have a offer which is cheap and easy.

What will i do? I will install a Wordpress site with any theme you want (only free) and install as many plugins as you need aswell as this i will make all plugins and themes to work as you want them to this includes adding ads from adsense and anything which adds customization to your Wordpress site

If your blog is a subject a know well then i will write a detailed post which will be of any category you choose as long as i know the subject this includes

Sports (Football, Tennis and Rugby)





If you are not confident in picking following plugins or themes i will pick them for you with no extra charge as i know many great sites to find good and solid themes which will suit your blog whatever the genre and i have a wide variety of plugins which will make your blog that bit more successful.

All this for $5! order now!