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Wordpress - How to submit the order

hello there,

I have a question about submitting the order on Fiverr. For graphic design or Logos, one can send over the attachment.

But for a website, We have to install on the clients web hosting account, When the order is confirmed I have to take their login credentials and start working on their account? How does it work?

Thank you in advance for your reply and precious time.

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you can take picture of homepage and send it as attachment. However you can also take homepage picture and edit it by writing seo friendly speed optimized secure responsive web and so on . Also you can make a video of how to use the web like if you have built it in elementor you can tell your client hot to use it in a video and send the video as an attachment or final delivery or maybe you can only send the picture or screenshot.

Hi y_ammar

Thank you so much for your response.

Where will I make the website then? I’m not selling the client any web Hosting. I have to make the site on some web host?

I’m very confuse, please help.

You will make the website on client web hosting client will provide you with c panel login details and then you will install wordpress on that however you can also create a website for client in your localhost and after completion you can upload it on his hosting.

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Hello y_ammar i am new in this gig of wordpress i have created website for a client in my localhost but now if i give him the files he will have to login with my password and login credentials… If i change my credentials will it affect him?please reply back