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Ok, so here’s the thing. There are many Wordpress Migration gigs. I get that, I do. However with that said, I am offering better prices, fewer restrictions and yet people would still rather wait in a Que to have their website migrated than come with me. I own a web developing company and sit on Fiverr all day in the background for gigs like this to make extra cash. Looking for reasons why people would rather wait for the same service and pay more.


Alas, fellow seller, your situation is called “competition”. Competition is fierce here on Fiverr. You are not guaranteed sales just by having a service hosted on Fiverr. Perhaps, instead of sitting and waiting, you can be working to one-up your competition in some way. Find a unique way to stand out from the competition. Market and promote your gigs online (where your target customers are located). Fiver has never been – and will never be – an easy money website. You do still have to work hard, stand out, and earn your “extra cash”.

Every good business is hard work – even here on Fiverr.


I’m not trying to make a living on Fiverr. I own a real business doing web development and management. I grind over 16 hours a day to be successful in all aspects of my business including extras like fiverr. My post was simply stating, I offer the same service, faster and cheaper. Yet people would rather wait in an order queue. Just doesn’t seem logical that’s all lol.


@janqed You have no reputation yet. 5 reviews doesn’t tell people enough for them to take a risk. They’d rather wait in a queue than risk a few bucks and possibly compromise their website on a newer person.

There are many different ways to build a reputation so you’ll get sales, but doing this as a side job it may or may not be worth it to you. As to why people aren’t buying, though, there is a good chance it’s related to your current level and status.


You have probably the best looking thumbnail that I’ve seen on Fiverr. Clearly, this is not your first rodeo when it comes to web…whatever. My theory is that, while you have a five star rating overall, your migration gig itself is unrated. In the search results, the buyers cannot see a seller’s overall rating, but only the gig’s individual rating. So, as beautiful as it is, redo your thumbnail to prominently display your own five star rating. Even so, you may have difficulty until you get that first review. The psychological value of even a single five star review is enormous.

As for people waiting in line for a TRS rather than taking a chance on you, you should try being a buyer on this platform. The quality of work, even from five star sellers with a few reviews, is so variable that I would not trust my website to anyone but a highly rated seller. It’s one thing to hire some hack to butcher your digital photos, but your website is your livelihood.


I could understand that. Unfortunately my reviews for my migrations went to a gig that fiverr recently deleted lol. So now I have none but I understand your reasoning. I’ve spent over $1,000 on fiverr so I understand it’s a risk dealing with unrated sellers. I always try to mention my real business to show I’m a serious provider. We shall see what happens!