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WordPress Security - Per day tens of thousands of websites are attacked

How Protect your WordPress Website?

Protecting Your WordPress:

1.Protecting your WordPress Admin area
2.Avoid Free Premiums Themes & Plugin’s unless it is from a reliable source
3.Binning The Readme File & Hide WordPress Version Reporting
4.Using Strong Passwords.
5.Assign the right user Permissions
6.Using Two-Factor Authentication
7.Chose a reputable hosting provider for your site
8.Removing unwanted or unused WordPress Plugin
9.Using SFTP to transfer files over
10.Disable file editing via the dashboard

Detecting Issues With Your Site:

1.Allow Google, Bing and Yandex to detect issues on your site
2.Block Multi-Login Attempts by users

Backing Up Your WordPress Site

1.Manually Backing Up Your WordPress Site
2.Automatic WordPress Backup