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Wordpress site building

Will buyers pay me in advance?
Say I’ve to build a website that costs $300… I priced it at $350
Will they pay me the $300 when I start the job??
Or shall I have to pay it from my own pocket first?

Please help me with this… I’m absolutely new here.

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Since you’re new, never start a project unless an order from Fiverr is showing in your account from the Buyer. This will let you know the Buyer PAID for your services. Never start work for free without the work order. Don’t let the Buyers butter you up, promising they have a lot of work if you do XYZ. It’s a CON! When a buyer places an order, they pay Fiverr. Fiverr will hold onto the funds once the order is completed. Keep in mind funds will take 14-days to clear and will be available for you to withdraw.

Um, nope!

You are the Seller, there aren’t any upfront fees to work on this platform. Except for Fiverr taking out their 20% cut from finished orders including tips.

While you’re here, I highly recommend that you BOOKMARK and READ through the Seller’s Education Center. You’ll find the deets you need to start your Fiverr career. :pineapple:


That means I’ll be paid ONLY if I deliver the DONE DEAL?

Yes, you need to deliver your order and either it will be accepted by the buyer or after 3 days have elapsed, the order is marked as complete and you get your funds.

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