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WordPress vs Website Builders & CMS

In Fiverr menu, under Programming & Tech tab there is 2 different category which is the following:

Website Builders & CMS

In this both category, they have similar services like Website Customization, Website Creation, Landing page, Website Security, Theme/Plugin installation &, etc.

When I’ll create any of the above services gig, what category I’ll select for my gig. I’m so confused. I think selecting the category play a big role in getting “Buyer Request”. Last few weeks I didn’t see any single “Buyer Request” I check every single hour. I have other friends every day they find hundreds of buyer request. But when it’s come to my turn. I didn’t find any Buyer request.

After that, I discovered that what If I change the gig category? Before my gig category was under WordPress services, Then I change it to Website Builders & CMS & the magic happens. After a few hours later I find lost of buyers request and all of those request showing form “Website Builders & CMS” Catagory. That’s mean most of the buyers are posting there request under “Website Builders & CMS” category.

To be a new seller on Fiverr most of the sales are depending on Buyers Request. Because our gig is not ranked yet.

I’m seeking help form the Successful Fiverr sellers that, have a look on my gig and guide me on how to perfectly SEO any kind of GIG. Looking forward to getting all of your valuable comments and guidelines.

Maybe one day this post and your guidelines will help lots of new sellers.

Thanks & Regard
Ali Haider

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