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Wordpress/Wix -- 2 siblings/ 2 services (Confusion?)

Hello Everyone and Fiverr concern departments,

I am new on Fiverr but my sister is already working on Fiverr as a Level one seller from last 1 year, due to covid, we all know the situations so I also want to start working on Fiverr. Now i am confused. We are 2 siblings, We will use 2 different laptops, same Wifi (we have 2 connections but we simultaneously change the internet when one doesn’t work so we keep switching). The payments tractions accounts will be different offcourse, we are 2 different persons but we are confused at services.

My sister is providing Wordpress websites services.
Now, I am specialist at Wix Websites, so I think the categories of Website development are same but the platforms like CMS are different WIX and Wordpress, What we can do now?

I am confused with services types because Fiverr doesn’t allow same services but I am really expert for Wix and she is already serving as Wordpress Developer. What to do?

If we continue and Fiverr blocked our both account? that will be a huge problem.


I hope it will not create any issues.
But i suggest you to use 2different internet connections.
For more you can check this post and replies

Thank you for your response. The Internet we will use 2 different but the actual point was about the service. Can you share your experience on that?

Technically it’s the same service in the same category if web design

So I would say that you are walking on a thin ice and you would’ve better to ask CS permission BEFORE you opened your account


Yes Ma’am, we did asked so that’s why I am not starting my services for Wix but yes I am starting with other services and other skills. It would not be a good idea because the category is same.

Fiverr CS just told us that The services should not be the same and you are right the website Design or creation category is same so that is a risk.

Well thank you alot for you response. :slight_smile: