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˝Words Included˝


I have been trying to make a gig and I plan to have packages. The thing is, there is this section that I have to fill in called ˝Words Included˝ and I have to click it as many as how many words I want to include. If I want 500, 1000, and 1500 words, then does it mean I have to click that many? Is there a way to choose it with way less clicks? If not, then it means in total I have to click 3000 times? :slight_smile:


Can’t you just enter the value in that box?
(I am not in the writing section, so anyone else would probably be able to answer you in a better way)


As @taverr said above,
you can just enter the value in the box.


Enter the value how much you want.


Okay guys, thanks a lot. I will try that :slight_smile:


Update: I did it! In the end I decided to not make packages though, for now. But at least I didn´t have to click the arrow 500 times :slight_smile:

Now I´m trying to do the description section. In that section, there is also the Q&A section.

What do you guys think, if one of the questions is:
˝Why don´t you give a discount when a client orders in bulk?˝
˝Because, when a client orders in bulk, that doesn´t mean I will get a discount for the time and energy that I have to spend to get the work done˝.

Does that sound okay? Polite enough?


To be honest, it comes across as being a bit negative possibly?

Do you need to mention that you don’t give a discount at all?


@offlinehelpers I don´t know what type of client I will bump into here. Okay maybe you´re right, I shouldn´t mention about not giving discount at all. I´m not a writer, so I found it a bit challenging to make the description. I read in the forum, some buyers sometimes ask for a discount. :grin:


I don’t have a Q and A on my gig. I don’t do packages. I don’t do gig extras.

Just use the options and features that work for you. I have delivered over 3000 projects. Many of these features have come after I got started and I have already figured out what works for me. Keep it really simple.


@landongrace Thanks a lot for the advice. Okay I will keep it simple. Yeah, on a second thought, I will not have Q&A :relaxed:


I agree about the packages. I recently switched to use them, but in the next week am going to simplify my gigs again. I found that I have better results when the buyer can pick and choose what they want, a-la-carte.


@sarahsope1 It´s good that you can switch it back whenever you want it :slight_smile:


@sarahsope1 I think you are right.

I have also considered the fact that if you overwhelm them with too many choices, they may not buy at all.

I moved to what I call the 2 option offer. I offer 2 things or they can request a custom quote. They can’t build an order that is different than the 2 options. This also leave a lot of room for me to custom quote anything that is not one of the 2 options.

I don’t provide white board videos for so much per word or minute. I offer 80 words for $25.00 or 160 words for $50.00. Larger orders are not necessarily charged by the same rate. Matter of fact larger projects take longer per word to produce, so the rate is usually more. My description allows it to be possible to make those decisions in regard to custom quotes, repeat orders, or difficult customers. :slight_smile:


Love this post. I feel that keeping it simple means keeping control. At least that what seems would work for me. Not knowing what kind of client is ordering my gig means that the a la cart order would allow me to figure out what to charge and to adjust their expectations. Not ruling anything out for the future, but it seems like that model will work well for now.


I for one, am very happy with using the packages.
I’m one of those guys who urge my buyers to contact me first, and almost all projects land somewhere in between the offered packages, so I almost only do custom offers.
The packages are there more as a guideline to what you get for how much (giving me more room for other stuff than prices in my gig description) , but to get the right price, you’ll have to talk it through with me first. I realize that I’d probably be making more sales if I didn’t make it so complicated, but I really don’t need any more work than I’m already getting, so in my case, having the packages are saving me from too many surprise-deadlines. Also, my basic package includes very little, which means that if someone goes ahead and orders without talking to me first, they’ll most likely go with the standard package, and it almost always gets me a few extra bucks, compared to what I’d charge if I had made them a custom offer - it’s their punishment for not reading the gig description :grin:


Nice to know you like this post. I think I will try not to use packages first and then see how it goes :slight_smile:


At first I wanted to have packages. But then I changed my mind after I got confuse myself :grin: Now I don´t know which price would be best for my gig. Because I browsed and people who have the same gig as mine and they sell it with higher prices don´t really have customers as many as those who have lower prices. Do you think I should start with the lowest price first? I wanna be independent. I don´t wanna work for agencies anymore.


I think that normally, fiverr is the kind of place where you have to work yourself up from the bottom. It’s definitely hard to get enough buyers if you have high prices and no reviews(unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to get any sales at all until you hav a few of those).
When I started out I was doing ten-hour projects for $5. Which was totally worth it for me, because I was just getting started, and getting payed for doing art was absolutely amazing, even if the pay was ridiculously low. Since I was only doing it as a hobby, it was ok. It got me a bunch of five stars-reviews and as soon as I had those, more buyers started rolling in, and I’ve been able to gradually raise my prices since, and now this is my full-time job.
So I guess that I would recommend to start out with low prices, just to get some buyers. But don’t be stupid like I was. If you have a $5 gig, then offer a small service that you think is worth that price. And when you have a few reviews, you can try to raise the prices and offer bigger services. If you raise them too much, you’ll notice it, and then it’s just to go back and try again.
Fiverr has a lot of pro’s and also a lot of con’s, so maybe, to be on the safe side, stay with the agencies for a little while, just to see if it’s something that works out for you :slight_smile:


@emblaester Thanks so much for sharing your success story here, it gave me a better, clearer picture. Okay I will start with lower price first. Yes, I don´t wanna let go off the agencies yet for now. I don´t get a super income from them. But at least I can get by and it is flexible to work with them, I don´t have to come to their offices to do the job and I can be wherever I want :slight_smile:


Useful advice. Perhaps I should simplify my gigs. I have 2. Do you think there’s any merit in creating a number that are almost “sub-gigs”, and based on skill subsets? I’m a writer, so I could set up and focus just on punctuation or grammar or vocab? Any thoughts? Your advice would be most welcome.