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Words search in inbox

Through my story you will understand the need for inbox searching:
A buyer asked me to check something, which took me about 8 days to check and test.
The problem is, I forgot to note to myself the username of this buyer, probably thinking at the time that I will remember who asked me and how to get back with him.
Then, after 8 days I realized I do not remember his/her nickname, so I started to sift through all of my conversations from the past 2 weeks, but I still couldn’t find it, so either I missed it among the thousands of words and sentences, or somehow the seller has vanished in the move to the New Inbox and the conversation is not recorded.

It is too bad there is no way to search through all of my conversations.
We can only search by username, but it is not so useful as searching for a specific phrase or word in the whole inbox.

So, this is the next developing challenge for fiverr development staff, please let us search inside inbox conversations.


Using fiverr like a computer should be there, and all the typical functions that computers do, because it kinda is expected in 2018. Agreed!

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I am usually positive in all of my posts but this is inexcusably dumb.

The developers/management team took away our ability to search through our messages. This is useful for so many reasons that it wouldn’t make sense to list them all.

What is up with Fiverr lately. It’s like you don’t want us to be successful.

I feel like a racehorse. Your whipping my saying, “faster, faster!” while pulling back on my reins the entire time.


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Oh look at that, that is a really useful feature. Especially for me, when you are looking for part of a conversation for order detailing!

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Well, yes of course, but we still do not have this feature available since I pointed out the issue.

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true saying ,it should be i think

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Looks like I’m way late to the party, but I just came to the forums to see if maybe I was blind and was missing how to search inbox…because it would be incredibly useful in a ton of different situations. Bummer.

100% agree with this thread.

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Year 2020 and Fiver still do not have this “Search this Conversation” feature.