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Words that you can't use


There have some words that you can’t use in Fiverr conversation with the buyer.
These words are,

1.Sky pe


Brother, of course, you can use these words. You shouldn’t contact person outside of Fiverr or you shouldn’t ask payment in another way than Fiverr.

The warnings you receive with these words just a reminder to follow Fiverr rules. Also if you use these words the conversation may be manually reviewed. You shouldn’t worry if you follow the Terms Of Use.


thanks for your subjugation


I can understand that, but (even if i don’t do that kind of gigs) there are a LOT of gaming gigs or stuff that specifically needs communication outside fiverr, why censoring specific words people can obviously go around when you can give the buyer a chance to flag the seller for not using the ToS properly?


Thanks for good advice