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Work Before Oder ! Is it Possible?

Buyer Told Me That, Create Professional Flyer For Me.But He do not place Oder .when i do the work and give him screen shot then he will place Oder.Really Fiverr Support this kind work? i also said NO…


You should not begin working on any project until the buyer has placed an order.

If they’re asking about a project, send them a custom offer so they know your pricing.


Thank You For Your valuable Comment

Do not do it, probably that seller just wants a FREE flyer, so, Tell him you don’t work like that, he needs to place an order first.


Yeah.Now i don’t take any risk.Thnx

If needed, tell him that Fiverr strongly recommends that the sellers never start working on an order until it’s actually placed.

He’s only a buyer if he actually buys.


As English is not my native language, I would sometimes bend the rule.
If the instruction sounds too complicated for me , I would do a very rough draft (not spend more than 20mins) and make sure to leave a watermark. When I send, I would say “This is just a draft. I need more time to do this but if you find that this is good, my work without watermark is ready to deliver!” just to get him motivated enough to order immediately because he might be telling to other sellers to do the same. You could be one step ahead of the rest!
And I always end it with offering custom gig :slight_smile:

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Exactly! Spot on @catwriter :grin:

Also, @koishikahmed4 have you thought what you’d do if you start working and then when you finish and send screenshot the “buyer” will tell you “I found someone else, I don’t need this anymore” ? You’ll have worked for nothing!

Or the “buyer” could hire one of the many “watermark” removing sellers/services and use your work for free :wink:


Hello every one, I like your comments. I want to add some points,
1- We are freelancers and we should be ready for any kind of situation and remember, be polite with your buyer.
2- Yes it happens that a buyer wants some work before starting an order and it is called "SAMPLE"
3- I normally provide samples without watermarks, yes without watermarks and my clients like this approach

Note- Some clients need only a confirmation that your are capable of that job. But if he or she is wasting your time or need actual work then you have to decide Yes or No as per situation. Be polite and flexible. Try to help you client and if the client is making thing difficult for you then just say “SORRY”

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In many cases, if they want a custom sample, and not just to see your old works, it can be solved with a small $5 or $10 order, so the freelancer doesn’t work for free. Paid samples are perfectly fine.


Don’t do a free work
that’s a wast of time dud!!!


Incorrect, that’s called work. A sample if work you’ve done for other people.

“Hi, I’m selling my paintings on Facebook, have you ever done any facebook ads about art?”

Then you show him what you’ve done in the past.

Also, if you provide samples without watermarks, they can steal them. Even with the watermark, there are ways those can be removed on Photoshop, or maybe the picture is cropped.

My advice? Don’t waste your time with talkers/chatters. These people act like their $5 or $20 is a huge investment and you have to convince them that you’re worth it.

They’re ridiculous. A huge investment is the car company that spends $20 million to $100 million advertising their product. Those people get invited to lunch, get treated well, see a ton of ideas, get to demand a ton of changes, and are treated like royalty because if they leave the agency, everyone who works on that account will most likely get fired. That’s the real world.

Fiverr is the only world, and online freelancers don’t have time for all that nonsense. I know some of you disagree with me, some of you love chatting with your clients on Skype or wherever and getting to know them. I don’t. I’ll get to know you when you become a regular customer, and even then I won’t be meeting you on Skype.

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This is against Fiverr TOS.
I recommend to follow


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I would suggest to do the work, or a part of the work before placing an order ONLY if you want to confirm first that you are able to do the job, because otherwise if the order is placed and you aren’t able to do the job, you’ll have to cancel the order and that will affect your ranking.

You’ll also have to stay alert in case the buyer is someone who wants free stuff. A good way to know if the buyer is legit, you should look a good interest in working with you, then you can offer a better service by doing a part of the job in case the requeriment is very subjective.

And of course, if it is something that overloads you, don’t do anything before placing the order, just small things that don’t cost you at all, and that you are willing to give for a better service.

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J, the reviews and portfolio samples should be enough. If I need a logo, I order the logo gig, I don’t ask for free samples. It’s the same with Vista Print, they might show you what your design will look in the end, but they’re not going to send you business cards unless you pay for them, they aren’t stupid.

My point is this, either control your buyers or your buyers will control you. Those sellers that offer free work in exchange of orders scare me. You’re not a casino, you don’t have to comp your customers.

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It depends on the kind of job you are offering. If it is a business card, then probably you have a template and the buyer desires a job on that design, so you only need to change the text. Very straight forward. I bet there should be cases in graphic design that needs a lot of information from the buyer if they want something from scratch because it is very subjective.

In the other hand, if you offer something in the web development area for example, there are some cases that you need to confirm first if the requeriment is possible to do before placing the order. As graphic design, the requeriments could be very subjectives and in case you can’t do the job after doing your tests, if the buyer already placed the order, you would not only lose your time by figuring it out, but also a good rating by doing a cancellation request, so you have a double cost.

So it is better to (only in this kind of cases) confirm everything before placing the order, and of course identify if the buyer deserves your time in that way and that will give the buyer an excellent experience, who then will be converted to a Customer.

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This is against the Fiverr Terms of Services.
Fiverr will not support for that. Read more.

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If you had a template based gig, the buyer will probably know what you do by looking at your portfolio section.

It’s like the movie trailer gigs, you buy it and the seller just replaces the words, but everything else stays the same.

Business cards are a lot more personal, you can’t use the same template for a realtor as you would for a plumber.

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