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Work Delivery problem

The buyer asks me to change the color of the pages and make the logo a little bigger, I give them to him, but the problem is that he goes to the site and deletes the design tools, now he is blaming me for it. After much persuasion, he agreed to take delivery but said that he was not happy with my work, I am new to Fiverr, will it be okay to deliver now? Or I will cancel.

Please help me.

Only deliver your order when your work is complete, or when the revisions your buyer asks for (if you offer revisions) are complete. As much as we may try to, we can’t make every client 100% happy. Fiverr allows him to leave whatever review he thinks reflects his experience working with you.

Do what you can – within the terms of his order, help him as much as you can (or, as much as he chose to order), and then move on to the next order.


Many many thanks for your helpful advice . :heart_eyes:

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