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Work distribution

Hey Everyone,
I read multiple threads about some people getting a lot of work and some getting none of it. Wouldn’t it be good if those who are getting a lot of work to distribute the workload (Obviously if they are unable to do it all) with those ones who aren’t getting any , to get most out of it. Eventually it will help all in this tough time of pandemic.
Just a Suggestion though


I think it’s more that some areas of work are still relevant or even more relevant during the crisis, and others are not at all useful or no longer possible. It could also be that as more people can’t work, they have less money to spend on fiverr. I’m not sure there is a solution to that, except lowering your prices or trying to market more relevant work. Good luck


Why would they give away their clients to someone else, and what makes you think that a buyer who hires a seller A would be happy if that seller dumped that work on someone else?


People hire us. They don’t want just anyone. They want the person they hired.

Sellers work hard to get orders. They don’t say to others here have my sales and orders.

I don’t understand this type of comment but I’ve seen it a lot here.


Sorry if it somehow offended you but what i meant was like modular development. If you get a whole big sort of project, you could ask one to help build a module of it.

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Sir if someone hires you to do a job then you do it. I’m sure anyone who gets big orders is able to find other sellers if they need them.

They do not seek out sellers who never get sales though. They use sellers whom they know will do the job correctly.

This is not a charity and I do wish people would stop thinking that way.

I’ve had a barrage of sellers in the past week begging, asking me to give them work. And here on the forum I see more and more threads like this where people say sellers should give sellers without any sales work.

Just stop please.


That’s also my point. I am not forcing or anything. I was just wondering if these kind of things are happening.

Sensibly answered and i totally agree with it.

Someone yesterday said fiverr should give sellers $100 a week.

Someone messaged me today saying I should “promote their gig”.

Someone at least once a week suggests sellers should give their orders to sellers who don’t get sales.

Do people have a basic misunderstanding of what this site is for?

Is the only way people know to get work to beg for it from other people, even on a business site?

It seems to me that those who propose these things need to try to grasp the idea we sell gigs here and people only buy gigs if you have something they want to buy. It’s a simple idea, yet one that is not understood.


Today i got a message from another seller and he is asking me to give some work. The seller has not published any gigs and requesting for work. Buyers are ordering my gigs based on my quality design services, experience. I do not want to hire some one for my client work. My buyer trusted my design quality and my ability to complete the job. So my main goal is to work hard and deliver high quality design to my buyer.

Recent times getting more messages of please give me some work. New sellers kindly listen that i am also started with very few orders and struggled for couple of years to build up my reputation. Please do not disturb other sellers about asking them to share some projects. Asking work from other sellers is against fiverr ToS. If a seller or buyer need some work they can search gigs and select suitable one and order.


I totally agree with you in this and the points you mentioned. But the point I was making was different, and it wasn’t that one should be asking for charity, promotion or anything like that. It was just simply distribution of work and I explicitly mentioned that if the workload is beyond their scope.

I know what you asked and I know what you meant thank you.

These types of begging are extremely sad and creepy. If you need to beg do it elsewhere than fiverr.


I always enjoy reading your replies :joy:

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When I go to check a seller that I am thinking of buying from, I always check the sellers they have bought from. Quite often I then go buy from the seller they usually buy from at a cheaper price.


So then there IS a way to distribute the work. But still the seller they bought from is not some guy who can’t get work on his own, just someone good at his job with a lower price.


Yeah, the problem with that idea is that most of the people who say “help, I have no orders” wouldn’t get wet if you threw a bucket of brains over them.

No offense, but I have tried outsourcing work to others when busy, and 99% of the time, I’ve ended up having to just do the work over again myself anyway.

It’s simply too high risk.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I appreciate it.

There’s no distribution of work on Fiverr. We’re not company employees working together on the same project. There are users with no orders who believe that sellers with many orders owe it to them to give them some of those sales, but that’s not how Fiverr works. Spend some time on the forum and you’ll see them.

If a seller gets more orders than they can handle, or can’t do a part of the order, that seller can try to outsource the work to someone else, or they can cancel the order. But that’s on the seller to decide.


I am already “distributing work” as I am not taking low-scope/cheaper projects, advising my prospects to search for other sellers in my niche.

But what you are essentially describing is communism.

Either that or a more entitled form of outsourcing.


I distribute the workload with someone I have spent hours training, who has a similar educational background as mine, and also whom I have confidence in—my husband. I would not trust any of my work to another freelancer.