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Work doesn't show up in portfolio

Hey there, so I have a problem. If I create a custom offer for somebody the finished project won’t show up in the protfolio of the gig. I know the buyers can choose if the work is shown in the portfolio but this isn’t the case here. I have that problem with every custom offer I made until now.
Is there anything I can do about it?


How do you know it isn’t the case? Did you ask your buyer if they allowed the order to be displayed on your portfolio?

Have you checked to see if your Live Portfolio is active?

yep, I asked some customers after special offers and live portfolio is active

You might not want to ask them such things since it’s a bit intrusive and Fiverr may look at it as some type of manipulation. Be careful and protect your account.

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Yeah I understand but this was with a guy I worked tons of projects with and everything showed up in the portfolio until we made custom offers. So i asked him politely because I was sure he didn’t denied it.

It’s wont be an issue !.Had asked the Fiverr before

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Have you turn off your live portfolio before the order?

no, I never turned off the live portfolio. The last times I also checked if live portfolio is really on before I delivered the custom offer just to be sure :confused: