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I have provided all the requirements of a Buyer for 4 days by hardworking and the Buyer said that the site is perfect but he did not give reviews and did not accept the project.


Some buyers are busy and merely let the order auto complete once they have the service they ordered. Buyers are not obligated to give reviews. It is their choice.


Do not ask your buyer for a review as sellers have posted on the forum that they got a warning because they asked about a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.


Don’t worry about it due to tight schedule of some buyer’s not able to write. put your best they will pay back you in form of return order. keep hard working fiverr and learn now skills too

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Thank you for your important information

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They don’t have to give reviews. Don’t ask them to, and remember it’s better to get no review than get a bad one


Don’t worry for this due or review. some buyer more time busy and will come back to you next or free time. all seller sometimes face this problem. carry on and continue hard working & develop your advanced skill. thank you so much.

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17 days ago i completed one order and buyer said me all is ok you can delivery, so that i delivery him but he did’t accept delivery and did’t give review. Nowadays my gig decrease rank almost 17 days don’t receive any order or new message from buyer.

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You are right. Thank you for your good information

Welcome sir. I will try my best. Thank you very much