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Work getting done by sending samples, without payment

I have sent an offer to a buyer in Fiverr. He just replied to my inbox and after discussion, he said my rates are high and he is not interested to place the order. After two days he again messaged me and request to complete some samples for him. I have done the same, But he suggested some corrections and I have done corrections 3 times for him, He again ask me to select the whole products and do the work. I have gone through the website, and found that most of the products are already updated. I think He is using the Fiverr freelancers for doing his work in free of cost, as sending sample work and not placing orders in a proper way, After completing the samples, he says its not ok, he will check with another buyer.

As per my intuitions, he is foolishing the entire Fiverr Team.


Giving samples is fine but don’t do corrections or changes requested untill they not agree for order, if they’re really interested and like the work you done they will definitely come back otherwise this is an indication for you that they’re looking for freebies.


Never send a free sample. Create a gig that is reasonably priced for a professional sample and send the link to the buyer. If the buyer is serious, he/ she will purchase a professional sample. Or you can send a demo file.

So many people want free samples to propose to the client. For example the buyer may have a client who says,
“I would like 10 samples to choose from before we move forward.” And the buyer has not received an order either.

Never never send free work and never ever change a sample to please a potential buyer.

Words of advice from an experienced Fiverr seller.


Thank you so much for the valuable advice.

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All my advice comes from mistakes I have made.


Say ‘no’ to spec.


No, only the inexperienced freelancers who don’t know they shouldn’t do the work until the order is placed.

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I am a new seller and I face this problem a lot. I respond to requests in a great way and then I receive many inquiries from so-called buyers ( we can say scammers ). They ask for free samples and I say you can check my profile and my portfolio but I can’t give you samples until you place your order and they just disappear.
I am sure they would have knocked some other new sellers and got the work for free. It is like we the field members are the ones who are decreasing the scope of our time and skills in the market by doing free work as samples. If this continuous , I can bet the number of buyers will decrease and spammers will increase.
Some buyers ask for cheap work, like one wanted me to edit 45 minutes video in $10 and the other to re-design a 50 page manual in $20. I reject to such offers but not all sellers do and that is why the skill scope or market price decreases in the market, hurting lot of sellers and professionals.
We new sellers should take a step right now and say no to all the free samples spammers ask for. After all our time is worth and so our efforts.


Please also see:


I loved that video!

I kind of want to keep it on-file as a reply to the next prospect who asks for a free sample from us! :wink:

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Check out the website linked in the video description. More good stuff there.

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I have similar experience

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Yes!!! My husband and I rent our RV and we raised our delivery price 100% figuring people would never want to pay that! Guess what??? They still do and even more people than ever!

If you stick to your professional decisions you make more room for others who will be glad to pay you! Don’t worry it happens.

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So after sending sample and buyer not replying, should we ask them?

@ashrareh here is the link to what I think about FREE samples

Work getting done by sending samples, without payment

@ashrareh I forgot to answer your question.

I would not reach out to the buyer that you sent samples too. Just cross it off your list as a lesson well learned the hard way. And please don’t worry! We have all done this in the beginning as a new seller on Fiverr.

Also, NEVER fall for the oldest trick in the book, “I have more work and projects and I am looking for a longtime partner after you give me your samples.”

Here is how I refuse a request for a FREE SAMPLE,

“Than you for reaching out to me. I get so many requests for free samples that my policy is now very strict. Samples devote costly time in the studio and as a business woman that is un-paid time which affects my bottom line.”

“Once a buyer accepts an offer, my NEW ORDER REQUIREMENTS state that I will promptly send you samples of your script. My portfolio has over 20 recent real projects to send to your client. Most clients know if they like my voice within a few seconds of watching any portfolio project.”

“I can send several MP4 or MP3 files for your client to review!”

I keep this message as an auto response and a copy paste so it’s easy.

Here is a screen shot of my requirements:

@imagination7413 Seriously! My husband and I watched that video 2 times it is hilarious! We have both been in outside profession sales so we loved it!!!

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I only wish I’d found it years ago, back in 2015 when they first made it. Did you check out the website, too? It’s a good story. (Good supporting arguments, too!)

@imagination7413 I don’t think it’s about having supporting documents as much as it is a satire (joke) on the industry and people (buyers) who try to take advantage of a salesperson (which we all are as a freelancer)

It’s just making fun of those people who dig and dig and try to take advantage of people who are not strong enough to JUST SAY NO!

Does that make sense?

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Yes, it makes sense.

I just like the history behind the reason for making the video.